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Brigham Interiors is your décor and design resource, in the Fredericton, NB, area. If you need a little nudge and some great insight and information to get the ball rolling we can meet for a consultation and get you on track. If you have an area of the home you'd like to have renovated and you don't have the time to plan it or the confidence in your choices to move forward with it, I'm your girl. I select material choices, I bring them to you at home, I gather the quotes on trades work, and create a budget AND I do it all with your best interests in mind. You name it: if your project involves improving your home's living spaces, I am here to help.

Now... what are you all about? Let me guess. You're working full-time and then some including maintaining your household. You don't get to sit down until 9 pm on week nights for cooking meals, cleaning up, packing the lunches, doing laundry, walking your dog, and whatever other activities you've committed to. You're flat out busy.

So, understandably, your home maintenance gets set further and further back on the list of things to do.  Do you have a room in your home that is not functional for you or your family? Does this area get neglected or worse - cause you stress? Does the thought of digging in to a makeover project or a renovation to rectify the situation scare you? Do you feel you don't know where to start with your reno game plan? Are you overwhelmed by you list of questions about materials, labour costs, and timelines? If you’re nodding your head in agreement and your heart's pounding than I think it's time you reach out for a little assistance. Queue - Brigham Interiors.

We provide you with quality materials while working within your decided budget. We are here to make your home décor dreams an obtainable reality by assisting you with every aspect of your residential endeavor - big or small. My passion for my field is infectious. You'll be smiling before you know it at what once gave you anxiety. Nothing feels better than scratching a project off of "the list"... Except, of course, having fun while doing so.

You can get my help with the following:

·     Building and Renovation Materials Selection (Flooring, Mouldings, Countertops, Backsplash, Cabinets, etc)

·     Project Management (Costs and Timeline)

·     Paint Colours & Wallpaper

·     Home Staging & Styling

·     Furnishings

·     Lighting

·     Window Treatments

·     Furniture Layout

G A I N  A  N E W  P E R S P E C T I V E

ABOUT: About


ABOUT: Image

How I got started you might ask...

You know when you’re a 6 year old kid and you want to be a superhero when you grow up?

Well, it's like that but I wanted to be an interior decorator.

Yup, a little girl with BIG dreams.

You know those "School Days' memory albums?

Grade one: What do you want to be when you grow up?" - Interior Decorator.

Well turns out if you keep wanting your dreams to become reality and you work really, really, hard – something amazing happens. They DO.

So, after a lifetime of re-doing anything my mom would let me get my hands on, I graduated high school to follow the heard to UNB. Great spot. Not my jam. After a year of the academic life a friend’s mom brought a newspaper ad to my attention when I was visiting one afternoon. An interior decorating program was being offered in Fredericton. She said “Nicole, you’re meant to do this. Don’t waste any time.” I was beyond sold. I would have signed up to start the next day. BUT, I had some convincing to do... not easy. I got a lot of “You should get your degree as a backup.”, “What if you ever want a real job.” Oh yeah. Not fun. I dug in my heels and followed my heart. A couple of years later I graduated from the Interior Decorating and Design Concepts Diploma program with a 98% overall average. This was my path.

After graduating in I moved to Alberta January 2007 to pursue a job and potential career in the “small” town of Fort McMurray. Firstly working at the local Benjamin Moore, I learned I had a passion for paint colours, quality paint products, and wallpapers. I loved coming up with schemes for people and helping them sort out their brain clutter surrounding their project. So many customers would say “I just want to bring you home with me!” and so was born Brigham Interiors. I started providing in-home colour consultations and eventually became a complete interior design resource for residents and builders of Fort McMurray.

While working in Fort Mac managing the Benjamin Moore & starting my biz I also worked with professional painters and wallpaper installers - learning all I could about both trades. I basically worked around the clock. But it was my 20s, we had lots of fun too - don't worry. 

2010 - nearly four years and a load of fantastic experience later, Brigham Interiors and I moved back to home - Fredericton, NB. With the love of my life (also from Fredericton whom I met there his first night in town) and a baby on the way.💖

Fast forward to today, my babies are basically adults (10 and 12 years old) and I’m still thriving on my dreams & following my heart. It’s served me very well so far and

I’m thankful everyday to get to work doing what I love.

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Respected Interior Decorator

ABOUT: About
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