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With tremendous encouragement from friends and family, Nicole followed her passion for interior design since demonstrating an innate inclination to interior decorating and renovation from as young as 6 years of age. 


Multi faceted designer, Nicole, established Brigham Interiors in 2007 after graduating with a diploma in Interior Design & Decorating from a private college. Built on the philosophy that one’s surroundings influence their well-being while telling a story about them.

To Brigham Interiors functionality is considered equally as important as form when designing an ideal space.

The B.i. aesthetic is characteristically natural and timeless. 

With an emphasis on processes and organization, working with Brigham Interiors implies you will receive transparent guidance throughout the duration of your project, resulting in a beautiful space and investment you are proud of.

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Shelby’s path to the world of Interior Design has been unconventional to say the least, believe it or not it all started with a cup of coffee! Nicole initially met Shelby at the restaurant where she was working and there was an instant connection. Ever since Shelby has been behind the scenes at Brigham Interiors.  


With a background in Hospitality and Tourism, having graduated with a Bachelors of Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism from UNBSJ ) she has been able to transfer many of her skills and knowledge over to her work at Brigham Interiors helping Nicole operate the day-to-day operations while providing the best possible service to B.i. clients.


Now as a student at the Interior Design Institute Shelby is gaining even more knowledge to bet able to better serve clients.      


Shelby may not have always been involved in Interior Design, but she has always been captivated by colours, shapes, and textures. Combined with a big imagination this has led to many hours experimenting and creating - a process is comparable to the process of creating the perfect space for a client, and there is no better feeling!  

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